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Director: Ricky Tollman / An emerging political scandal in Toronto in 2013 seen through the eyes of young staffers at city hall and a local newspaper / 2019 / Countries: Canada / / writer: Ricky Tollman. Run this town download full album.

Run This Town download full. やばい!片寄涼太君可愛いー. PREPARE 4 BATTLE. RUN THIS TOWN WITH ALL YOUR FORCE. THIS IS SO AWESOME. YOU'RE AWESOME this anime name. Random Bits of Info [they] heard: Capcom: One of the future DLC characters for Smash is a Capcom Rep but they are pulling a SE by sending out a ton of different names. I’ve heard Dante, Phoenix Wright and even Arthur Capcom is working on more Megaman games. They included Megaman 12, X9, and a Legends 1 & 2 Remake Collection. X9 specifically is a Stadia timed exclusive for 1 year Dino Crisis is getting a remake to try and test interest in the IP - A new MH game is coming that is exclusive to Switch and will use some of the new features and ideas Monster Hunter World introduced Marvel Vs Capcom 4 does exist but very little is know besides it’s definitely next gen. Street Fighter 5 DLC is planning to wrap up in 2020 so they can start on SF6 for next gen systems Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is coming to Switch Konami: Rouge Corps did so bad that the DLC is possibly being cancelled and the Contra IP is being shelved indefinitely - Bloodstained is forbidden to be talked about in the offices - Mobile versions of there pachinko machines are coming - Bomberman Heros and 64 are getting a remake collection exclusive to Switch Activision/Blizzard: Mobile department at Blizzard is amping up production ten fold and expect a lot more Blizzard mobile games, including a Warcraft mobile game in the style of Pokémon Go, and an Overwatch mobile game is being fast tracked after the success of Call of Duty Mobile Starcraft FPS is being considered for a revival as since Destiny is no longer being made with them, Activision needs a new sci-fi schlooter New Crash game is being made, takes heavy inspiration from the classic games and the title is even being considered to be called Crash Bandicoot 4. Black Ops 5 is full steam ahead Pro Skater Remake of 1 and 2 is real, should be a 2021 launch Skylanders is getting revived but the figures are not coming back, instead there being replaced with a gatcha system and it’s going to be free to start mobile title. Ubisoft: Mario + Rabbids 2 does exist and is progressing very well. It’ll release in 2020. It will also have Rayman as a major part of the game’s story in it. BG&E2 is not progressing well at all. It looks rough and it barely runs at all. Only good things I can say is that the pre rendered cutscenes all look really good and that the story is planned out The delays of R6Q, G&M, and WDL, are all to get them to be ported to next gen as to be cross gen titles Next AC is viking themed and brings back the boat features from Black Flag New 2D Rayman in the works, uses same artstyle and engine as Legends and Origins. Also a new 3D Rayman is being prototyped. Rockstar: - Bringing GTA 3, San Andres, Vice City, Red Dead Redemption 1, Bully, and GTA5 to Switch. GTA5 will be one of the first games to use the 64 GB cartridges. Bully 2 is going to be announced some time in 2020. It’s set in a college town. GTA6 is in production for next gen systems. It’s going to be set in the entire state of Florida, where you can travel through the entire state. Sony has in fact payed for timed exclusivity for 6 months after launch. They payed a hefty fee for it. This time it will also feature a women as one of the three main protagonists. Xbox Game Studios/Microsoft: New Fable game is the big announcement for E3 this year, it’s exclusive to the Series X, no Xbox One port Halo Infinite will get its first gameplay trailer before E3 Hellblade 2 gets gameplay at E3 Cuphead DLC is Xbox timed exclusive for 3 months Remake of Banjo Kazooie and Tooie coming to the Series X and Xbox One Series X will be $499 and comes bundled with Halo Infinite, which launches the same day Ton of games getting Series X enhancement updates which allow them to look even better and run faster. First one to get this update will be Gears 5 They’re going to be buying a Japanese studio but after that they’ve decided to take a break from buyouts to save money to invest more in development of games. Push for more diversity of genre in their exclusives - Halo 1, 2, 3, Reach, and Rare Replay all coming to Switch - Game Pass will be combined with Project XCloud and create a streaming and downloading service called Game Pass X. You can stream and download to play any game in the library of Game Pass X, although downloading only works on consoles -Windows 10 will work on Series X, but only to browse the web Region locking is gone on Series X, and the Series X is backwards compatible with every Xbox disc ever Sony: Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 exclusive and will be announced at E3 2019 Speaking of which Sony has decided to return to E3 but no press conference, just a State of Play and a booth on the showfloor PS5 is $499, no region locking, and is backwards compatible with every PlayStation disc ever PSVR will work with the system but not much is planned for it in terms of new games besides a sequel to Astro Bot Last of Us 2 will get an upgraded port for PS5 on launch -Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a launch title for PS5 Nintendo: No information on Smash besides the Capcom DLC and that I only know because of a Capcom source. Smash leaks seem to have dried up. Animal Crossing Switch Lite variant is coming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are next year’s Pokémon games and will have the ability to transfer every Pokémon to that game after the backlash of SwSh, which while it didn’t effect sales, was considered a PR blunder internally Tomodachi Life sequel is coming Was some rumors that they were interested in buying out Level 5 but nothing concrete Bethesda: Fallout 4 port for Switch, uses 64 GB cartridge Fallout 76 is still being worked on and the plan is to try and make a come back somehow Starfield is planned to get a full reveal at E3, and is set to launch in 2022 Fallout 5 has started early planning and prototyping. Don’t expect it for at least 3 years New Vegas will be getting an HD remaster on all platforms, including switch, as a sort of apology to Fallout fans after the 76 disaster. It’ll include all the DLC. Eternal was delayed mainly to fix the multiplayer which has been very buggy and laggy. They do not want a repeat of the 76 launch and are making sure the online features and multiplayer works as best it can. The Switch port is planned for the Fall. SEGA: Sonic Adventure Remake is coming Mania 2 is a 2020 title, and is pretty much almost done Team Sonic Racing major DLC update with new characters and tracks, including an appearance from AiAi from Super Monkey Ball Dreamcast SEGA Ages titles finally happening - Super Monkey Ball 1, 2, and 3 are getting HD remakes, and will be released on Switch first as a timed exclusive in 2021 Chao Garden Mobile is like the chao garden from SA2 but with a more mobile friendly design and a gatcha system for variant chaos Google/Stadia: 3D Platformer staring the Dinosaur from the offline dinosaur game Lots of studios pulling out and ending stadia support and Google is fighting hard to get some to stay The only reason X9 is stadia timed exclusive is because Google payed big time for it Google doesn’t seem to be ending support of the project for at least 2 years but after that the future of stadia is uncertain They have noted the ads are cringe inducing and are bad, and plan to try a new strategy for them New color scheme for the controller is coming: Silver and Gold Netherrealm: -Injustice 3 is going to be the first next gen title from them MK11 Port to PS5 and Series X Marvel Vs DC is being floated around with Marvel but it likely won’t happen Future MK11 DLC includes Goro, Doomslayer, and Ed Boon himself as a free joke character Edit: Updated format because of complaints. To emphasis: I just got this from a pastebin leak, format and all. There is a lot that is questionable but I shared it here because it was an interesting read.


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Génial G vu comme cendrillon trop: g nial. Run this town download full shampoo. Run this town download full youtube. Your my IDOL. R.I.P Legend. I just watched the movie and now i'm so in love with her voice and this song omg! 😍. ZENくんかっこよすぎて鳥肌. Rest easy legend, dear god.

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Kanye killed it. Run This Town Download full article on foot. This is an action movie trailer song waiting to happen. “ Young money run this towns, countrys... I still eat rappers... mmm scrumptious “ 😂💀. I spent 3 months and 2 weeks traveling through Southeast Asia ( Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia) and I'm writing this for those who are thinking about visiting. I'll cover as much as possible. AMA if you want more info!!!! Pre-Trip I booked a flight with All Nippon Airways (ANA) for $530 round-trip four months before departing. I flew out of Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK). Trip started September 11th and ended December 23rd. (*note: it was Los Angeles to Tokyo (Haneda) → Tokyo (Haneda) to Bangkok) I did not pre-book anything. I only booked my accommodation before arriving in Bangkok. You can book accommodations as you go. I used hostelworld and. I didn't pre-book activities, flights, bus, and such. This can all be done a couple of days ahead of time or literally the day of. Get a Charles Schwab debit card if possible to avoid foreign transaction fees. I used this throughout my whole trip and I saved a lot on transaction fees. Please use an ATM over the currency exchange booths; they tend to rip you off. I used to buy an insurance plan. Please buy something that has emergency evacuation. You don’t want to get malaria or dengue fever and not have that option. Fortunately, I didn't need to use it. I took 2 photocopies of my passport. I took 3 passport size photos for visas. Please bring exact change when paying for visas to avoid getting ripped off. They all take US dollars. Visa information for US Citizens only: Thailand → free visa on arrival, 30 days. No passport photo required. Laos → $35 visa on arrival, 30 days, 1 passport photo Vietnam → $15 visa approval letter (), $25 visa, 3 months-single entry, 1passport photo Singapore → free visa on arrival Cambodia → $30 visa on arrival, 30 days, 1 passport photo Vaccinations/Medicine Recommend by CDC I got a typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, and influenza shot before leaving. Do this a MONTH BEFORE leaving! The vaccines need time to go into your system. If you don't, it's fine; just get them ASAP. I got my shots at Walgreens. I brought some imodium with me. You can buy medicine for cheap in Asia so I wouldn’t worry about bringing anything. I didn’t bring any anti-malaria pills either. Condoms are cheap and plentiful too. Money Again, I took my Charles Schwab debit card and a backup Chase credit card/Chase debit card. Southeast Asia is cash-heavy (except for Singapore). My budget for the trip was $3500 with flights included. I went over budget by $1000 because I bought a motorcycle in Vietnam and I did other excursions around SE asia. You can easily do Southeast Asia for way less than I did. Hostels were around $2 - $7 USD. Food prices were different everywhere I went. But I never paid more than $2-3 per meal. Beers were cheap; about $1 or a little more. Vietnam has the cheapest food but it’s cheap everywhere in southeast asia. If you really want to save money, don’t buy alcohol. A solid budget would be $25 - $30 per day. It would be enough to do excursions and cover all expenses. Some cities are way cheaper on your budget for example, some cities in Vietnam I only spent like $10-15 per day. But I think you can do it comfortably for $20 a day. Transportation Download Grab app. I mainly used a GrabBike to get around. You can hire a car too, but it's much more expensive than ordering a motorbike to take you around. I avoided using taxis at all costs. They tend to rip you off if you are a tourist. If you must hop on a taxi, agree on a set price before hopping on. Some a-holes would turn on the meter and not say anything until you hop off and charge you more. Public buses are the cheapest option. They cost less than $0. 50 USD per ride. I mainly used GrabBike and walked. From city to city, I used day/night buses. Buses cost around $5 - $15 or more, but it all depends how far you’re traveling. I usually booked through my hostel but sometimes you can get them way cheaper by asking around at travel agencies. Sometimes I booked night buses/trains to save a night on accommodation. Depending how far the distance is, I also did flights. Flights are cheap; $25-$50 thru AirAsia, Nok Air, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, etc. (I’ll go into more detail in the itinerary section of this report). Some flights I paid a lot more because I booked them last minute. I also used to book trains and buses. Tech/Phone I took my iPhone X (unlocked) and connected a line in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I took an old iPhone 6 with me for backup. If you gonna take a laptop or kindle, etc., wi-fi is available in most hostels. I didn't bring that with me cause it weighs me down a lot. It’s safe to take expensive phones with you. But please take care of your stuff. I didn’t really hear about anyone getting their phones stolen. In Thailand, connect with AIS. They have super cheap plans with unlimited data for $5 a month. But please activate your phone at an official AIS store at a shopping center so you can get this deal. Bring your passport or a copy. If they try to sell you a “tourist sim card, ” walk away. They rip you off. In Vietnam, I activated my phone at Hanoi Airport when I arrived. It was like $10 a month for unlimited data. I went with Viettel. Bring a passport or copy to activate it. In Cambodia, I activated my phone at Phnom Penh Airport when I arrived. I paid $10 for 15gb of data with Metfone. Apps that I used: Google Maps: you can download offline maps. WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Instagram Netflix (watch The Vietnam War docu-series by Ken Burns if you’re going to ‘Nam) Hulu Spotify Grab: similar to Uber Currency Converter Google Translate: you can download offline ExpressVPN Hostelworld Pack List I used an old Adidas Aries Backpack I had from my last trip. This is 30 liters, maybe 35 liters at best. I bought it cheap for $40. It got the job done. 2 soccer jerseys 1 long-sleeve soccer jersey 1 Lakers jersey (the best thing to wear) 1 pair of joggers (threw them out after a month) 2 pairs of shorts (basketball and board short) 6 pairs of Nike Dri-Fit boxers (lost 1) 3 pairs of low-cut socks (lost all of them by the last day haha) 1 pair of knee high socks (lost them) 1 micro-fiber towel (forgot it at a hostel haha) 1 waterproof light jacket 1 pair of Nike Free Run Flyknit shoes 1 pair of Nike shower sandals 1 Zomake day pack 1 Hershel toiletries bag 3 Forge cable combination locks and a 1 foot double-looped cable External battery pack (13000 mAh) Bose QC-25 noise-cancelling headphones 1 full-face motorcycle helmet with GoPro attachment Over the course of the trip, I bought more stuff: 1 knockoff Nike shorts (bought in Vietnam) 1 custom-tailored blazer (bought in Vietnam) 2 cotton shirts (bought in Thailand) If you are not sure what to bring, don't worry, they sell cheap clothing for whatever needs. Vietnam has the best quality, knockoff stuff. I seriously regret bringing all my clothes. Next time, I am going to Vietnam with 1 pair of clothes and do some shopping when I arrive. Most of the time in Asia, I wore my basketball jersey, sandals and shorts. My rule is that if it doesn’t smell, I will re-wear it. But I always switched out underwear. So I would suggest bringing like 6-7 pairs of underwear. And 3 shirts and 3 shorts. Please wear deodorant!!!!!! Some fucking people are disgusting, especially those “hippy, dreadlock” types; they don’t use soap and deodorant and it stinks up the room. I understand it is a lifestyle choice but damn, consider the people around you who are on their vacation and have to put up with this stuff. Please keep up some hygiene. Safety I am a 6'1" (1. 85 m for my non-American friends) male with light brown complexion. I felt safe most of my time there. A lot of locals assumed I was Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, or Cambodian. I think Southeast Asia was the safest part of the world that I ever visited. I never felt like I was in any danger. Just avoid the bad areas and stick to the tourist trail and you’ll be fine. If you are planning to drive a motorbike, please please please wear closed-toed shoes. Don’t be a dumbass and only wear sandals. Those idiots are the ones who usually get in an accident. Just because the locals do it, it doesn’t mean you should do it too. Locals know how to operate a motorbike properly. And please wear a helmet. I brought my own helmet from back home (it’s not necessary). If you going to trek in the jungles or such, wear long-sleeves and long pants. Don't leave any body part exposed. Mosquitos will bite the shit out of you. Worse, you can get Dengue Fever or Malaria. You should probably drench your skin with mosquito repellant too. Don't worry about little treks through forests; mosquito repellant will get the job done by itself. Motorcycles If you're planning to buy a motorcycle stay away from cheap Honda Win copies. I crashed on a Honda Win copy. As much as I hate to part blame, a reason I crashed was because of the bike. It had shitty brakes and suspension. If you are going to buy a bike, get a Honda Wave or Honda Click. You can purchase a bike through Facebook Marketplace. Or you can rent. I heard Tigit Motorbikes in Hanoi or Saigon does good business. Usually a lot of small towns rent out motorbikes to tourists for $5-$8 a day. Like I said above, rent a Honda Wave or Honda Click. They usually rent out Yamahas that are similar to those bikes; those are fine too. Get an automatic scooter if you're not experienced. PLEASE WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES! Please take pictures of the bike from every angle you can think of before taking off to avoid getting scammed. Also, test the bike too. Make sure the wheel alignment is straight and check if the lights are working. If you're only renting for a day, fill it up with only 2 liters because they'll keep the gas regardless if you paid for it. is an excellent resource if you want to bike in Vietnam. Itinerary/Activities I will put a star (*) next to the city if I really loved it. I will put a star (*) next to the hostel if I really loved it. I will list the accommodation first. If I mention restaurants or food stalls, this is because I HIGHLY recommend it. *Bangkok (4 days): *Jam Hostel, Wat Pho, Wat Saket Ratchawora, Chinatown, Grand China Hotel rooftop bar (free), Khao San Road, Khlom Lat Mayom Floating Market, Muay Thai (free), Jeng Noodle Thai Food (a sweet lady fed me a bunch of times), Jok Pochana (delicious noodle soups and other thai dishes) Took a flight from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Chiang Mai → Nok Air ($44) Chiang Mai (2 days): The Islander Hostel, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Pha Lat Temple, Monk’s Trail hike, Chiang Mai Elephant Home Took a 2-hour mini-van from Chiang Mai to Pai (booked through hostel) *Pai (3 days): *Nolo Hub Pai Hostel, rented a motorbike, Chedi Phra That Mae Yen (Big White Buddha), Pai Canyon, Pai Land Split, Bamboo Bridge, Pai Historical Bridge Took a 2-hour mini-van back to Chiang Mai Chiang Mai (1 day): Jeune Hostel, Sunday Night Market Took a bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai Chiang Rai (2 days): Bed & Bike Poshtel, White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), Charlermchai Kositpipat Museum, Night Market, Cat ‘n’ A Cup Cafe, Por Jai restaurant (best Khao Soi Chicken soup i’ve ever tried) Took a public bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong Chiang Khong (1 day): Sleeping Well Hostel, Rin Bar (karaoke and bartender hooked me up with free shots) Bought a slow boat package at my hostel. Hostel took me to the border of Thailand. Bus took me across the border to Laos. A pickup truck took me to the pier of the Mekong Delta. Boarded the slow boat to Luang Prabang. It is a 2-day boat. It stops mid-way and docks in a small village called Pak Beng for a night. I stayed at DP Guesthouse but you can find cheaper accommodation when you arrive. Luang Prabang (3 days): Sunrise Hostel, Phousi Hill, Kuang Si waterfall, night market Took a mini-van from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng Vang Vieng (2 days): Vang Vieng Rock Backpacker Hostel, rented a motorbike, Kaeng Nyui waterfall, Blue Lagoon 3, small night market. Took a bus to Vientiane Vientiane (1 day): Barn1920s Hostel, night market FUCK YEAH!! VIETNAM!!! Took a flight from Vientiane to Hanoi → Vietnam Airlines ($108) (please make sure to get a visa approval letter before flying; some airlines won’t let you board without proof) *Hanoi (4 days): *Old Quarter View Hostel, free walking tour with hostel, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Vietnam Military History Museum, Hoa Lo Prison Memorial, bought a motorbike, Cafe Giang (delicious egg coffee), Bun Cha Nem Ran (tasty bun cha), Banh Mi 25 (fresh banh mi) Took a night train with my motorbike from Hanoi to Lao Cai → ~$25 --> Drove my motorbike from Lao Cai to Sa Pa *Sa Pa (3 days): *Ta Van Hostel, trekking with Hmong villager (booked through hostel), hiking Drove my motorbike from Sa Pa to Ha Giang *Ha Giang [Ha Giang Loop] (6 days): Ha Giang 1 Hostel / *Homestay Bongbang / *Little Yen’s Homestay / Backpacker Garden Homestay / Bong Ha Giang Hostel, Lung Cu Flag Point, Ma Pi Leng Viewpoint, got food poisoning, crashed on my motorbike (if you want footage, ask) Drove my motorbike from Ha Giang to Hanoi in 8 hours *Hanoi (2 days): *Old Quarter View Hostel, Hoan Kiem Lake, sold motorbike Took mini-van from Hanoi to Ninh Binh *Ninh Binh (4 days): * Trang An River View Homestay, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Cuc Phoung National Park, Hang Mua Viewpoint, rented motorbike, rented bicycle Took a sleeper train from Ninh Binh to Hue ($25) Hue (1 day): Happy Homestay (it was so fucking hot in this city, i didn’t do anything) Did a 2-day easy rider through the Ho Chi Minh Trail *Hoi An (5 days): *Leo Leo ‘Cucumber’ Hostel, walked the Old Town, went to the beach, custom tailored blazer at Babi Cloth Shop, got stuck in a typhoon, accidentally smoked Opium, Hong restaurant (18 Thai Phien; try everything on that menu), the BANH MI QUEEN (best banh mi in all of Vietnam), Well Coffee (try the Cao Lau), Pho Tung (the best Pho I tried in Vietnam); Hoi An was the best for food Took a sleeper/night bus to Dalat ~$12? *Dalat (2 days): *Tigon Hostel, rented a motorbike, Elephant Waterfall, night market, trekking Took a day bus to Saigon ~$10? *Saigon (4 days): Himalaya Phoenix Hostel aka ‘the Old Folks home’ haha, War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, Ben Thanh Market, Thich Quang Duc Monument, Nguyen Hue Street, Banh Canh Cua 194 (seafood soup), Bun Thit Nuong Kieu Bao (please go here, one of the best meals I had in Vietnam) Took flight to Singapore → Vietjet Air ($47) *Singapore (3 days): RedDoorz Hostel, Gardens By the Bay light show, Spectra water and light show, Helix Bridge, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Parkview Square + free museum, Changi Airport Jewel waterfall, Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee (one of the best soups I had in Southeast Asia) Took flight to Phnom Penh ($82) Phnom Penh (1 day): *The Big Easy Hostel, Water Festival (Bon Om Touk), Happy Herb Pizza (bought a big ol’ bag of weed). duddddeeeee tooo many sexpats in that city, fucckkkkk it creeped me out Took a bus to Kampot ~$10 Kampot (5 days): *Karma Traders Hostel (420 Friendly), rented a motorbike Took a bus to Phnom Penh ~$6 Phnom Penh (1 day): *Big Easy Hostel, Tuol Sleng (S21 Prison) Museum, Choeung Ek Genocidal Center (aka the Killing Fields) Took a bus to Siem Reap ~$8 *Siem Reap (5 days): *Cozy Cloud Hostel, Angkor Wat (Small Circuit: Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Ta Promh, Ta Nei, Ta Keo, Victory Gate, Bayon, South Gate) Took a bus to Bangkok $10 (book with Capitol Tours directly to get that deal; some other people paid $25 for the same ride I got) *Bangkok (4 days): *Back Home Backpackers Hostel, Giant Swing, Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Wat Arun Ratchawararam, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, The Exile Bar (live music venue, free, Metal night), Muay Thai Took night bus to Phuket (booked thru), ~$24) *Old Town Phuket (2 days): The Neighbors Hostel, walked the old town, rented a motorbike (please rent one if you’re going to Phuket, it will save you a lot of money), Ao Yon Beach, Monkey Hill viewpoint, Rang Hill viewpoint, Khun Jeed Yod Pak restaurant (gravy noodles), Roti Abdul Phuket Muslim (cheap delicious roti breakfast), Pad Thai Pra Tu Mhee (probably the best pad thai I tried in all of Thailand) Drove my rented motorbike to Kata Beach Kata Beach, Phuket (2 days): *Sleepy Station Hostel, Big Buddha viewpoint, Kata beach, got detained by Thai police for possession Drove my rented motorbike to Old Town Phuket *Old Town Phuket (2 days): *Beehive Hostel, sunday night market, played basketball with the locals Booked a ferry to Koh Lanta ~$20 *Koh Lanta (11 days): *Asleep Hostel, rented a motorbike (rent a motorbike to save money on transportation), Long Beach, Ao Nui Bay beach, Khlong Chak waterfall, Nui Beach, Khlong Khong beach, night market, dropped acid, ate all my meals at Jit Jit Restaurant (shoutout to the lady in charge, delicious affordable food) Booked mini-van from hostel to Krabi airport (bus ~$10, flight with Vietjet Air ~$32) *Bangkok (2 days): *Back Home Backpackers Hostel, Undyink Tattoo (got a tattoo) Flew home to Los! Thoughts and opinions: Thailand - it has the most-developed tourist infrastructure in mainland Southeast Asia which makes it easy to travel. If I had to recommend a country to visit for someone leaving on their first solo trip to Asia, it would be Thailand. Thailand has a delicious food cuisine. What I took away from the culture wasn’t much. No offense to any Thai people out there reading this, but I felt Thailand only had Buddha and the King in terms of culture. But don’t get me wrong, I loved the temples in Thailand. The temples were really beautiful and it was very cool to learn about Buddhism. By the way, Thai police are terrible. They constantly harassed the locals and tourists which annoyed me. (I might be biased) I would visit Thailand again. Laos - Laos was the poorest country of the five that I visited. But that didn’t seem to take away from the locals. The locals were friendly. What annoyed me was that there were a lot of drunk tourists in the major cities wreaking havoc. The road infrastructure was probably the worst but it didn’t stop me from getting from city to city. I felt like I missed out on the real Laos because I only stayed in the major cities. It’s really unfortunate that a majority of the country sits on a lot of bombs that were dropped during the Vietnam War. It makes it hard for the locals to farm and expand their territories. Overall, I wasn’t vibing with Laos; it just wasn’t for me. I was really looking forward to visiting Vietnam next so that distracted me as well. A lot of people I met throughout my travels seemed to enjoy Laos. Personally, I wouldn’t visit Laos again. Vietnam - I LOVED VIETNAM! Never have I visited a country where I came in with high expectations and met my expectations. The food was amazing and cheap. The culture was so good and interesting. Vietnam had the best scenery and nature. Doing the Ha Giang Loop on my motorcycle alone was the highlight of the entire trip. I am really into 60s classic rock music, Vietnam War movies (Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Forrest Gump, etc. ) and I watched the Vietnam War documentary by Ken Burns, and this added to my experience. You understand how the music of that time was written and how the war impacted the nation to this day. (MY OPINION: the dynamic of a “communist North” and a “capitalist South” really made for an interesting relationship. Under one rule, they are socialist country and it functions well). It was really interesting to see. If I had to go back to Asia and could only visit one country, I would visit Vietnam. I loved it so much that I am considering living there for a couple of months. I missed out on Cat Ba, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha, Quy Nhon, and other cities, but it's all the more reason for me to return. I am definitely going back next year or soon. Singapore - Man have you ever seen the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”? lol. I swear like I was an extra on that movie set. I never felt so out of place haha. I was the only one walking around in cheap backpacker clothing haha. But Singapore was really nice. The citizens do a great job keeping the country clean. There were so many shopping malls. I also enjoyed the mix of culture; it is truly a “world city. ” It was quite expensive compared to the other Southeast Asian countries but I expected that. I definitely wouldn’t stay long for that reason. It would be best to visit if you know a local, but it is not a dealbreaker. The airport was outta this world! I would go to Singapore again. Cambodia - Definitely the strangest country I ever visited. There were so many old sexpats, it was quite disgusting. I felt so terrible for the girls who were involved. You can very easily find weed at any of these “happy pizza” restaurants. Cambodia had the best western food in all of the countries I visited. The road infrastructure was very poor, on par with Laos. There was a lot of poverty, and it's tough to see. But the locals were the friendliest, happiest people I met on this trip. They are super proud of their crown jewel, Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat was amazing to visit. It should be listed as one of the wonders of the world in my opinion. I missed out on Battambang and Koh Rong Saleom. I would visit Cambodia again. There you have it. AMA!!! I’m happy to share tips and experiences. Ask below for a quick response. Please PM me, no chat! Edit 1: thanks for the gold!!!! this is my first lol Edit 2: i have another post trip report on Colombia, just search my post history if interested Edit 3: Added a "Motorcycle" section Edit 4: Added pictures Edit 5: I put a star next to the hostel if I really liked it.

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Serious Aria Montgomery vibes from this video from early seasons of PLL ❤️❤️. "Run This Town" Single by Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West from the album The Blueprint 3 Released July 24, 2009 Format Digital download Recorded 2009 Studio Avex Honolulu Studios ( Honolulu, Hawaii) Roc The Mic Studios ( New York City, New York) Westlake Recording Studios ( Los Angeles, California) Genre Hip hop Length 4: 27 (album version) Label Roc Nation Atlantic Songwriter(s) Shawn Carter Kanye West Robyn Fenty Ernest Wilson Jeff Bhasker Athanasios Alatas Producer(s) West No I. D. Jay-Z singles chronology " D. O. A. (Death of Auto-Tune) " (2009) " Run This Town " (2009) " Empire State of Mind " (2009) Rihanna singles chronology " Rehab " (2008) " Russian Roulette " (2009) Kanye West singles chronology " Supernova " (2009) " Forever " (2009) " Run This Town " is a song by American rapper Jay-Z. The song also features Rihanna and Kanye West. It was written by the performing trio, with assistance from Ernest Wilson and Jeff Bhasker. Production of the track was made by West and Wilson (also known as "No I. D. "). [1] "Run This Town" was released as the second single from Jay-Z's eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3, and is used as the theme song of Battlefield 4. [2] "Run This Town" received mixed reviews from music critics; some praised what each member of the trio brought to the track, whilst others thought that Rihanna and Kanye West out-performed Jay-Z. The song was a commercial success, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and topping the charts in the United Kingdom. It additionally made top ten chartings in ten other countries including in Australia, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. "Run This Town" won Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. The song's accompanying music video, directed by Anthony Mandler, depicts the trio in a post-apocalyptic environment, featuring scenes involving angry protesters surrounding them. "Run This Town" was performed by Jay-Z, West, and Rihanna on the series premiere of The Jay Leno Show in the United States. [3] [4] Background [ edit] "Run This Town" features singer Rihanna ( right) and rapper Kanye West ( left); both also co-wrote the song. "Run This Town" samples 1970s Greek band The 4 Levels of Existence's song "Someday in Athens", appearing at the 1:02 mark, and lasting thereafter. [5] The second official single from the album, The Blueprint 3 was originally planned to be "Off That" featuring Drake but "Run This Town" was decided upon instead. Jay-Z confirmed the release in an interview with Tim Westwood, saying, "We basically run this town. It's myself, Rihanna and Kanye. It's pretty much it. " [6] The song made its radio debut on July 24, 2009 at 9:11 am to coincide with the album's release date, September 11, 2009. [7] "Run This Town" was officially released to urban radios in the United States on August 9, 2009 [8] and was released via iTunes worldwide two days later on August 11. The CD single release followed on August 31, 2009 in the UK. [9] Rihanna's contribution was her first musical appearance following her February 8 altercation with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, earlier that year. [10] Reception [ edit] Critical reception [ edit] "Run This Town" received mixed reviews from music critics. Following the leak of the song, Tom Breihan, Pitchfork gave a positive review. "The new Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West track from 'The Blueprint 3', leaked this morning, and it bangs. Jay's ' D. (Death of Auto-Tune) ' left the impression that The Blueprint 3 might be a cantankerous grumpy-old-man rap album, but 'Run This Town' totally obliterates that. Thanks to a molten motivational Rihanna chorus, it's pop-friendly as hell, without compromising Jay's fundamental hardness. And Jay is actually rapping like he cares, something he's only done intermittently over the last few years. Still, Kanye gets the hottest line on the song: 'What you think I rap for, to push a fuckin' RAV 4? '" [11] Following the album's release, Pitchfork made another review of the song, again praising the track. "There's something for everybody: Jay [-Z] sounds engaged in a way he rarely has since unretiring, Rihanna coos those "ay ay"s the radio loves, and Kanye West, as you may have read, once again upstages the guy he's producing. Rihanna's hook may not be Auto-Tune'd, but it's definitely autopilot. " [12] felt that Jay-Z lacked presence, writing, "It looks like someone finally got tired of being bullied by ' Big Brother '. Roc Nation dropped the ball on the song credit though; it was supposed to read 'Kanye West Featuring Rihanna, ' because 'Ye murdered Jay on his own track. But that's not saying much because Jay was running this race on one foot. In other words, Kanye didn't win, Jay lost". [13] Digital Spy gave a mixed review of the song. "Boasting three of the biggest stars from the worlds of hip-hop and R&B, 'Run This Town' was never going to be a flop, but neither is it a roaring success. Kanye's slick rapping ("Reebok baby, you need to try some new things, have you ever had shoes without shoestrings? ") and Rihanna's "hey-hey" chorus hook make Jay-Z seem surplus to requirements, which surely can't have been the aim. The chaotic military march beats are impressive – and hats off to Jigga for snubbing Auto-Tune – but this track still doesn't seem fitting of an artist considered a groundbreaking rap legend. [14] Accolades [ edit] Most notably, "Run This Town" was nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2010. It eventually won both awards, marking Jay-Z's tenth and Rihanna's third and Kanye West's fourteenth win at the ceremony awards in total. The song also managed to win an Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics', during Super Bowl XLIV. [15] Year Ceremony Award Result 2010 52nd Grammy Awards [16] Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Won Best Rap Song BET Hip-Hop Awards [17] Best Hip-Hop Video Nominated International Dance Music Awards [18] Best Hip-Hop Dance Track People's Choice Awards [19] Favourite Music Collaboration 2011 Black Reel Awards [20] Best Original or Adapted Song Chart performance [ edit] "Run This Town" entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 88. Following its digital release and debut at number three on the Digital Songs chart, it soared from number 66 to three in its third week on the Hot 100 for the week ending August 16, 2009. [21] The song eventually peaked at number two behind The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling, marking Jay-Z's second-highest charting song of his career as a lead artist. "Run This Town" reached number one on the Rap Songs chart on the date issued September 26, 2009, climbing from number four the previous week. [22] It remained atop the chart for seven consecutive weeks. [23] It also made an appearance on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at number three. [23] Despite its genre of hip hop and R&B, the song managed to debut at number 38 on the Pop Songs chart on the issue dated September 12, 2009. [24] It eventually reached the top ten at number eight. [25] "Run This Town" additionally peaked at numbers two and three on the Radio Songs and Digital Songs charts. [25] As of June 2015, the song has sold 3, 490, 000 digital copies in the United States. [26] In Australia, "Run This Town" entered the Australian Singles Chart at number 35 on September 6, 2009. The following week it fell to number 39 but rebounded to a new peak of 25 in its third week. It reached the top ten of the chart on October 11, 2009, and made its peak of number nine in its seventh week. [27] It has been certified Platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association, denoting sales of 70, 000 copies. [28] In New Zealand, "Run This Town" debuted at number fourteen on the New Zealand Singles Chart on September 14, 2009, climbing to number ten the following week. In its third week, it fell to number thirteen but regained its peak position for the three weeks after. In its seventh total week on the chart, it made a new peak of number nine. [29] It has received a Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand, for sales of 7, 500 copies. [30] In Canada, the song peaked at number six on the Canadian Hot 100. [31] In the United Kingdom, "Run This Town" entered at number one on the UK Singles Chart on September 6, 2009 ― for the week ending date September 12, 2009 ― with sales of 62, 000 copies. [32] The feat gave Jay-Z his first number one single in Britain as a lead artist and fourth overall, following his feature on Rihanna's " Umbrella " (2007) and his wife Beyoncé 's " Déjà Vu " (2006) and " Crazy in Love " (2003). It marked the third number one singles in that country for both Rihanna and Kanye West. For Rihanna, "Run This Town" gave her number ones one the chart in three consecutive years, following " Take a Bow " (2008) and "Umbrella" [33] and followed West's chart leaders " American Boy " featuring Estelle (2008) and " Stronger " (2007). [34] [35] Throughout the rest of Europe, the song also performed well, reaching the top five in Ireland [36] and Norway [37] and the top ten in the Czech Republic, [38] Sweden [39] and Switzerland. [40] It also reached the top twenty in Denmark [41] and Germany. [42] Music video [ edit] The video for "Run This Town" was directed by Anthony Mandler and was filmed on August 6, 2009 at Fort Totten Park in New York City. Mandler explained the production behind the video saying: "There's a tone and feeling to the song, there's a militia, a march and a kind of rambunctious energy to it that, for me, I immediately wanted to tap into. I showed [Jay] some references from the classic rebellious zones of the world. We live in very orderly society in America, but when you get into Brazil, you get into the Middle East, you get into Africa, you get into Eastern Europe, when you get into places like that, there's a different sort of 'we run this town' [going on]. There's less order and more chaos. So we looked at a lot of those references, new photos and historical photos, to capture that kind of falling-apart feeling. " "We wanted you to feel uneasy throughout the piece, " he said. "We wanted there to be a constant layer of tension through the piece. Even in the way I shot — where the camera comes by Jay, it doesn't stop on him, it goes to Rihanna — there's kind of this chaos of revealing and covering and concealing. And things happen offscreen that you don't see. I think people are really gonna flip on this". The video was leaked on August 19, 2009, by MTV Germany. It premiered officially on August 20 on MTV, as well other MTV channels across the world. The video was released to iTunes on August 25, 2009. Synopsis and reception [ edit] The music video involves crowds of protesters in masks, holding torches whilst walking. Rihanna takes a bandanna from covering her mouth and performs the intro of the song in a park area with explosions firing around her. Jay-Z then begins the second verse while in a temple-like area. Kanye West sings his verse in a cave-like area holding a torch and having a bandanna cover his face like Jay-Z and Rihanna. Throughout the video, the trio are on a stage platform with the mob of protesters previously shown surrounding them. Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone called the video, "a civilization that takes Jigga's lyrical motif of 'all black everything' very seriously. " He further added, "When we first heard 'Run This Town', we pictured Jay-Z and his posse staging a siege on Manhattan, or at least going to all the VIP spots most civilians only dream about like in the " D. (Death of Autotune) " video. Instead, we're introduced to a Mad Max -like landscape full of proto-biker gear, torches, face scarves and bombed-out buildings. Jay-Z and his gang of ruffians actually look like they're on a mission to slay Auto-Tune. Also, according to the video, Rihanna is the only female to survive the apocalypse, and West's verse about Reeboks, Rav4s and girls with two bee stings seem starkly out of place in the dismal future. " [43] It ranked at number eleven on BET 's Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2009 countdown. Remixes and cover versions [ edit] On July 20, 2010, an orchestrated version of "Run This Town" created by E. S. Posthumus was officially released to US iTunes under the Roc Nation imprint, in its studio format. This was eventually played before Super Bowl XLIV and Nashville Predators playoff games. [44] Metalcore band Miss May I covered this song for the compilation album Punk Goes Pop Volume 03.. [ citation needed] Lil Wayne freestyled "Run This Town" on his highly acclaimed mixtape No Ceilings. Usage in media [ edit] "Run this Town" has been used in the video game NBA 2K13. [45] The song featured in the teaser trailer for 2013 video game Battlefield 4. It was to be included in coverage of Thursday Night Football on CBS and the NFL Network in 2014, however, it was pulled from the opening segment in the first broadcast in the wake of a domestic violence controversy involving NFL player Ray Rice. [46] [47] After Rihanna took to Twitter to complain, the song was removed from further games. [48] The song was performed at the closing ceremony at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London with British rock band Coldplay and Rihanna Track listing [ edit] Digital download [49] "Run This Town" (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West) – 4:34 CD single [50] " D. (Death of Auto-Tune) " – 4:15 Charts and certifications [ edit] Release history [ edit] References [ edit] ^ Herrera, Monica (2009-08-08). "Run This Town". The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on August 14, 2009. Retrieved 2009-08-09. ^. Archived from the original on 2013-04-04. ^ Eng, Joyce (2009-08-07). "Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West to Kick Off Jay Leno Show". 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I don't hear kellz. Her voice makes love to this sound; this genre. To preface: I backed Squad on Kickstarter just before the first vehicle release and modded Squad from day 1 of the SDK 2017-2019. I have 1. 7k hours logged in game. 1. 5k logged in the SDK. To some those might be a lot, others may find it a little. I have tried getting back into Squad recently but found the game to be lacking a sense of cohesion that used to be present in previous versions. There are many factors that go into this and I will be talking about a couple of them that I think have been reducing the overall gameplay experience. Helicopters: Since this is my area that I worked on when modding, I will start here. Helicopters right now are a joke. Both the flight model and current 'meta' are nonsensical. Currently there are so many ways to spawn in that there's almost no need for transportation besides setting up a FOB at the next point. So instead you have helicopters flying around looking to goomba-stomp the opposing helicopter's rotors for 'epic' video clips. Pilots don't need to fear doing this because of how tanky the helicopter is, and even the projectiles that are capable of damaging it often wind up failing to register damage or wind up hitting the invincible main rotor shield. Ideally for me, Helicopters should be crucial to setting up and maintaining a flank or quickly supporting a push. Squads should be looking to get a lift from the locked (not 5 unlocked) helicopter squad so that they can be re-inserted into a fight. But with the current spawn meta, there's almost no need for a reinsertion. They have stated that this is a sort of "first iteration" of helicopters but I disagree with the mentality of just tossing it onto the backburner to pave way for more shiny features. Helicopters should be based (strictly or loosely) on actual physics, not arbitrary movement curves. There are a lot of mechanics for the helicopters that lean heavily on the arcade side including infinite friction landings, spinouts, massive health pools, and invincible pilots. The first 2 or so minutes of my video showcases how helicopters can be improved with the most basic of additions (). Looking into this SDK, I found this descriptor () which really puts into perspective a lot of the changes that have been taking place. The official Squad Steam store page describes the game as so: "Squad is a tactical FPS that provides authentic combat experiences through teamwork, communication, and gameplay. It seeks to bridge the large gap between arcade shooter and military simulation. " Why is a game that aims to provide "authentic combat experiences" using a flight model based on Battlefield 4 instead of ARMA or RS2? It doesn't need to be insanely realistic simulator quality, but something with mass/momentum and fidelity above "BF4" would be nice. HABCraft/Spawnspam: A key component to victory in the current build is having as many ways to get back into the fight as possible. Rallys, multiple forward HABs, backup HABs, etc. While it's smart to maintain a constant pressure on the objective, the amount of easily accessible spawns fuels the 'giveup urge'. It's easier to just give up and respawn within 10 seconds than wait 60 seconds for a medic. Their mentality being "The quicker I respawn the faster I can start killing more of them so my kills will outweigh the one ticket I spent giving up because THIS TIME I won't die again"; repeat. Points wind up being a sardine pool of bodies spawning in and charging at each other. This diagram illustrates what I'm talking about (). I hope that with dragging coming that they finally decide to slow down the meatgrinder meta of charging into a point from one of the 10 spawns placed around it. Right now defending points is more like a hive than a bunker, people just spawn back in to defend like ants coming out of a hole rather than getting secure positions to ambush or choke attackers. Both attackers and defenders should be conserving every ticket not just because of the ticket-counter but because getting revived should get you back in the fight faster than giving up and respawning. IMO each game mechanic should be balanced around making authenticity fun. Nobody wants to file paperwork in-game, but also having enemies spawn 2 feet in front of you ruins the experience as well. Rally points and HABs are supposed to emulate reinforcements, which is why HABs and rallies shouldn't be allowed to be built on-point. FOBs can still be placed to allow the construction of emplacements but not HABs. You shouldn't be directly seeing enemies as spawnining, but rather as reinforcements. Clearing a town only to have streams of 20+ militia run out of a single house should be replaced by having to watch for backup coming over the hills, because if you lose control of the town you will have to regroup and retry as well, not just respawn directly on top of it with your new rally. Vehicles: Right now there are an abundance of vehicles. Early on in Squad, you had maybe 2 Strykers and 2 BTRs per team. The firepower was limited, but they were important assets for protecting/transporting troops. Now each update keeps adding more and more vehicles to the mains to the point where they had to convert every truck into a logi because nobody bothered using the regular transport version since there are at least 2 IFVs and 3 APCs. There aren't enough infantry to balance it out and often it feels like World of Tanks with vehicles slugging it out rather than supporting an infantry push. The amount of vehicles itself isn't the problem, but the max players needs to be increased to 100 or above. Another major problem is the hitreg. It's a major red flag when you have to be warned that the in-game firing range and multiplayer servers could behave completely differently. There have always been vehicle hitreg problems, but helicopters makes it way more apparent. At times it can be difficult to tell if my shot didn't register, or if the vehicle just absorbed it with an insane HP pool. Shifting Audience: Squad's playercount is at an all time high, but the quality of games is at a low. There is no doubt that many of the newer players have a different mentality towards the game than the veterans. While there's nothing wrong with a casual person picking up Squad, the problem lies in features catered towards those casuals to keep them playing rather than converting them through leadership and tutorials. Some of you may remember this infamous poll where when the community voted yes to keeping dead-dead and then OWI decided to repoll it after some more free weekends to aim for a removal of dead-dead (). I remember the first free weekend Squad Leads were gearing up to teach new players, and there was a positive mentality towards growing the community. Now during a free weekend, I see posts like "welp looks like it's ARMA weekend for me" with less veterans eager to lead the newbies, and I don't blame them. When each match already feels like you are playing with free weekenders, having actual free weekenders added on top of that is too much. These types pool up in no-mic squads so they can lone wolf without worrying about getting kicked, and it's almost impossible for server admins to manage because they aren't allowed to just ban people for no-micing. Casual players picking up Squad isn't the problem, Squad hand-feeding the casual players is. They have no need to adapt to a cautious communicative playstyle when it's so easy to just pop back up and keep on running and gunning. They don't get punished by mechanics for treating the game like anything more than a glorified Battlefield. Modding: This is sort of a bonus one, but I really dislike how modding is handled. There are a lot of things here but I will try to make it digestible. The first issue is the Whitelisting system itself. I have since removed my mod off steam, but at the time it had the most amount of subscribers (80k) out of all of the Squad mods. However, almost 50k of those were from ONE Whitelist free weekend. Nobody played the mod when it was in the custom servers tab. The problem is that it's difficult for modders to retain interest if there is no community support. Now I don't think this is the fault of the actual Squad community at all but rather caused by barriers making mods more of a pain to use than a benefit. A main flaw is how the game/UE4 handles mods by default, which is tying every mod to a layer. This means that if you want to add just one gun to a faction, you need to duplicate all of the existing layers and rack up a massive file size and map list just for one addition, and that addition isn't even cross compatible with other mods (since it's tied down to its own maps/layers). This is why almost every mod is a map, faction, or massive overhaul rather than a single new class, vehicle, or minor set of tweaks. Look at the ARMA workshop, you could have WW2 Germany vs Halo Covenant all while providing air support in a clickable cockpit A-10 in Vietnam. Small modders are discouraged when their mod won't ever be used because nobody is going to switch to a layer just for one new gun. This is important to the future of the game because recently the deflection has been "that sounds like a good idea for a hardcore mod" rather than just de-casualizing the base game. But when you can't even modify the CAF in the SDK a true full-fledged conversion ala ARMA's ACE3 is impossible. The ultimate solution for this is removing the concept of layers and data tables being SDK assets and switching them to an XML format. This way anyone can make a layer without needing to download a 60+ GB SDK (it grows over time too). Communities could create custom missions using an editor similar to ARMA's Eden and place down spawn locations, vehicles, and capture points. If all tables were shifted to XML, they could even extend or rewrite the existing factions and add those small gun/vehicle mods I mentioned above. These custom missions/layers wouldn't replace the existing vanilla game, but would instead give people a reason to use the Custom servers tab. Look how long ARMA managed to sustain itself through mission editing and drop-in modding that anyone could do. I would like to hear what everyone else thinks of Squad gameplay now compared to previous versions or what you ideally would like the game to play like (more arcadey, more sim, exactly the same) Edit: For all the people saying "they should use your mod" or "they should hire you" that's not going to happen. The ~3 or so people there who were interested in collaborating must've just been rogue agents or something!. But the points made in this post should still stand alone regardless.

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