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release Date: 2019; genres: Romance; ; August Diehl; 8,5 of 10; 174minutes. A HIDDEN LIFE is a return to form for Director Terrence Malick - a wondrous and deeply moving one. After films such as KNIGHT OF CUPS and TO THE WONDER, even Malick's most devoted admirers started to feel that his style had gotten style. After his twenty year hiatus from the Directing chair after DAYS OF HEAVEN in 1978, returned with THE THIN RED LINE. A tone poem told largely through images and narration. He continued that new way of filmmaking with A NEW WORLD, reaching his highest acclaim with 2011's TREE OF LIFE.
With A HIDDEN LIFE, Malick continues in a similar vein, but, with a renewed emphasis on narrative to tie the imagery together. The movie is based on the true story of an Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter (August Diehl) who refused to pledge allegiance to Hitler and Germany during WWII. Franz had been a soldier for Austria, even so, he refused to avow loyalty to the Nazi regime. Franz's wife Fani (Valerie Pachner) and two young children bear the brunt of the village's citizens who have chosen to go along to get along. Franz is given several opportunities to avoid the consequences of refusing to fight by giving an even half-hearted oath to Hitler, but, he stands on principle above all else.
But, pure plot isn't what Malick is after. There is, maybe, about an hour's worth of dialogue over the movie's three hour length. Along with Cinematographer Jorg Widmer and Composer James Newman Howard (augmented with many classical pieces) Malick is striving for something much deeper. Widmer's use of wide lenses allows for the camera to be both intimate as well as giving the viewer a view of the mountainous landscape of the Austrian countryside. Using digital photography exclusively for the first time, Malick was able to have the camera run for long periods in order to allow Diehl and the cast to improvise and inhabit their roles and surroundings.
Malick's aesthetic is certainly not for the masses, but, here it works gorgeously. The cumulative effect is a sense of lives that were actually lived - not just scripted. There is a spiritual feel to the movie that goes beyond the mere religious* into something more profound.
Malick's work has been compared to that of the great Russian Director Andrei Tarkovsky. They are two of the finest Cinema Poets. A HIDDEN LIFE is a superb testament to Malick's art.
. Franz Jägerstätter has been Beatified and made into a Martyr of the Catholic Church.
P.S. the great European actor Bruno Ganz has a small but important role as a Judge. This was to be his penultimate film.

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